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Blogging: Take Two!

tagged: writing, personal development

This is my second attempt at maintaining a blog (a 9-year hiatus—back when people still called them weblogs). My focus will mostly be industry-related and for now, that’s the only restriction I’m putting in place. There is so much good content on the web these days it’s hard to feel like I’ll make much of a contribution to the community, but at the very least it will be good for my personal development, (hopefully) improve my writing skills and a chance to write down a lot of my thinking. It will also be a form of recordkeeping for all of my ideas (both good and bad).

Putting it out there!

Like many designers and developers who are squeamish about showing off their work, this is the case with my writing. I often think I won’t be providing any value or meaningful ideas and just echoing what’s already been said, but at this stage I feel like if I don’t try then there’s no way to find out.

My first attempt at maintaining a blog didn’t last very long but I wasn’t terribly committed to the practice. We’ll see how I fare this time around.