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Oddly enough, this is my first ever Wordpress project. I was concerned that Wordpress wouldn’t provide us with the flexibility that was demanded from the design and the most belaboring aspect of the project was digging under Wordpress’ hood and familiarizing myself with how everything worked.

We also put a lot of emphasis in providing a good user experience for the people at Random House who would be in charge of managing the content. This meant a lot of tweaking under the hood as well. Out of the box, Wordpress isn’t a great CMS. It was originally designed as a blogging platform and while it use has morphed over the years, the admin panel is still geared toward a focus on blogging, so it provides a pretty lousy experience for any beyond-your-basic site.

One of the cooler aspects of the project is that we had the opportunity to host a live Google Hangout On Air. We had a team in LA, where Barry and Phil recorded from, a team in NY, managing the site and the Google Hangout On Air team, monitoring the performance of the Hangout. It was big success all around and it marked one of the largest attended Hangouts On Air recorded.

Technologies used:
  • Wordpress
  • jQuery

Lessons Learned

  • You cannot rely on a basic file input for media other than images (employ the Media Uploader instead)
  • Webkit browsers do not paint animated gifs as background images with fixed attachment—you have to force a re-paint to see the animation
  • Explicitly setting the preload attribute to 'none' seems to make a difference in some browsers (esp. with multiple audio elements in the DOM)