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Portfolio of Eamon Thomas Sisk

Content First

IridiumGroup is redesigning its website to address the changing needs of the market as well as to better reflect its true capabilities. In order to assist in the process of the redesign, we compiled a list of research documents and produced a high level content audit, a document that identifies different types of content, another that groups the different types of content and ties them to the goals of that particular section and tactical solutions on how that content would be executed or represented.

We’ve also created a list of agencies as a comparative study and selected agencies that we think do a good job of executing different areas of content and rationale to support it. We’ve also created an area to develop site copy and a place to store prototypes of potential tactical solutions.

Eventually, this collection of documents will encompass a living style guide, personas, research, content planning and development, prototyping samples and design documents. The idea behind this site is to use it as a resource and as a reference. It aids in the decision-making process and it helps the team stay focused on the goals of the site. Many of the documents are living documents that change and update as progress and decisions are made. Those changes are tracked and explained so when the document is revisited, we know what has been discussed and why we made the decisions we made. This also aids in keeping the conversation moving forward, ensuring progress is being made.

The breakdown

Research dropdown These are results from surveys and user testing conducted over the summer. They help us identify some of the pain points and misconceptions users are having when they visit our site and they inform us of the areas of the design that need improvement.

Content Audit This section takes a high-level look at the site to get a quick synopsis of the existing content. The purpose of this type of audit is to make it easy for the team to get a good sense of the current state of the content on the site.

Content Id This section attempts to identify all the different types of content that may be incorporated into particular section of content. The purpose of this document is primarily to help developers identify patterns in content so they can properly plan for how it gets managed.

Content Outline This section attempts to take the individual types of content and group them under umbrellas or areas of content. This document is goal-based, helping determine what content falls under what grouping. This is also a living document that is maintained throughout the content development process.

Tactical Solutions Once the content outline has been determined, you can begin to come up with ideas on how you would represent that content on the site. Each idea should have a benefit associated with it. Once the team has fleshed out all the ideas for that section, they evaluate the best two or three options and prototype mockups to get a better understanding of each by seeing how they behave in the wild. Ultimately, a direction is chosen and that becomes how you’ll represent that particular area or type of content.

Agency Studies These examples will aid in idea generation for the tactical solutions document. This document is also an aid for consensus among the team.

Agency List A list of companies in the same or similar industries that have admirable sites.

Copy This is a living document that will store developed copy for the site. It will also show a history of edits for documentation purposes.

Prototyping dropdown This section will have a list of prototypes that get produced over time for the team to evaluate and refer to as they further develop potential ideas for how to represent content.

Technologies used:
  • Twitter Bootstrap