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Portfolio of Eamon Thomas Sisk


Launch Site

IridiumGroup paired up with McGill + Partners to form a new company focused specifically on serving non-profits called OrgCentric. We were tasked with creating the online presence for the new company.

The leadership team outlined and produced all of the content and we had to make sense of it in the form of web. Fortunately, the content provided was succinct and straight-forward. I collaborated with Dana Camisa who led up design and Rosie Pringle who was the primary developer.

My primary role was to oversee the development of the site and to prevent any miscommunication between designer and developer throughout the process. I also aided in design decisions and provided guidelines for existing and future content.

Project challenges

The sticky navigation bar was a particular challenge to preserve its visual qualities without obstructing content as the view moves down the page. We ended up using CSS gradients with a translucent PNG image as a fallback for older browsers.

Initially, not intented to be a responsive site, we ended up adding media queries after the site had been launched. This was a fairly cumbersome process porting a design from desktop to mobile and I highly recommend designing for smaller devices first. Because smaller screen sizes weren’t considered from the start of the project, the single-page site concept begins to fall apart when there is a substantial amount of content introduced.

The site uses ExpressionEngine for content management. In addition to the single-page design, we designed and built a responsive blogging system as an extension of the site. The look and feel of the site is decidedly straight-forward and simple, sprinkled with nice interactions and progressive enhancements.

Technologies used:
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

Lessons Learned

  • start mobile first
  • transitioning backgrounds are tricky—even modern browsers occassionally struggle with this
  • use ems over px units for media queries
  • include the entire team in discussions from the onset of the project